Knatchbull Road

Knatchbull Road

49 Knatchbull Road, London SE5

    • Refurbishment

Knatchbull Road

Knatchbull Road is in Camberwell, the site is situated on the corner of Knatchbull Road and Denmak Road. The building is not listed but falls within the Minet Estate Conservation Area and was a Public House before it’s renovation.

The existing building was formed of a ground floor that was formerly the public house, with two storeys of residential above. The basement level was formerly used as storage space.

The proposal wants to reconfigure the ground and basement floors to provide 4no. Residential units and 1no. Ground floor studio apartment. In addition, a new-build private 2 bed house in the south of the site.

The existing building was submitted to minor physical external alterations that didn’t materially affect the existing character of the retained building. The proposal is contained within the same footprint and building envelope as is currently existing with the only additions in area being the lightwells allowing natural daylight and amenity space to the basement levels.

Refurbish in London

2014 – 2015