Irene House

Irene House

1 Parkfield Road, Worthing BN13 1EN

    • Refurbishment

Irene House

The aim of the project was to remove and replace the redundant buildings on the site and redevelop the site for residential purposes, providing a development of a high architectural quality that responds to the site’s relationship with South Street Tarring and Parkfield Road. 

A cohesive design that responds to the surrounding context and development.

A response that retains and utilises the majority of the existing street trees, a strong landscape feature that enhances the site.

The proposed scheme provides 22 residential units over 2.5 storeys containing 4no. 1-bedroom apartments and 18no. 2-bedroom apartments that have access to public and private amenity spaces.

The proposed scheme continues the building line on both Parkfield Road and South Street frontages, with an L-shaped block which respects and responds to the surrounding context and the associated constraints.

Refurbishment in Worthing

2018 – 2019