Refurbishment in Hammersmith

Emery House

Emery House, Hammersmith, London

    • Refurbishment

Emery House

Extensions and alterations to an existing house, called Emery House, in Hammersmith, London. A well presented refurbished house situated in the heart of Hammersmith, within a short walking distance to the historic Emery Walker’s House and River Thames.

A new rear extension was built to accommodate the new Kitchen, Dining and Living Room including new foundations and new structural members. New windows and doors throughout and 3no. Conservation Rooflights to the rear roofs. Internally, the works comprised a new timber staircase, new internal partitions, new timber floors construction, new fire doors. Installation of mechanical ventilation/extraction to kitchen and bathrooms and provision of a new hot water and heating system. New electrical and lighting installation. Roof works and replacement of all existing gutters and downpipes. External wall skin to match existing. 

Refurbishment in North London

2012 – 2013