Lima Construction in Brighton Road

Brighton Road

Brighton Road, Surbiton KT6 5PP

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Brighton Road

High Quality architectural design and landscaping, located along Brighton Road, that enhances the character and appearance of the Surbiton Town Centre Conservation Area. A mixed-use residential and commercial two-storey new building with 7 apartments facing onto Brighton Road and 9 terraced houses to the rear, respecting the existing site, context and preserving neighouring privacy & amenity, with private garden and green roof areas.

The main key points included the provision of a commercial unit with car parking space with active frontage to Brighton Road. Residencial units above with private balconies towards the rear of the site and a stepped back second floor to reduce the scale and massing.

A central green amenity area links the terraced houses and the main building facing Brighton Road. The rear is arranged in two separate terraces of houses with shared courtyard between, with private amenity areas. All units are dual aspect units and exceed minimum standards, roof-lights providing additional light and green roof areas providing sustainability benefits and a better visual.

New Build in Brighton

2021 – 2022